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Marketplace Tech Podcast

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to announce that partner Jessica Lee will be speaking during Marketplace Tech’s Podcast “The EU doesn’t trust its citizens’ data in the hands of the U.S.”.

About the event:
With all the crises facing America, it’s surprising to find privacy so high on President Joe Biden’s agenda. But in his first week in office, he already appointed someone to negotiate with the European Union on how personal information is moved between Europe and the U.S. Last summer, the EU said the way data was being sent to the U.S. was insecure. In August, Ireland’s data regulators told Facebook to stop transferring its citizens’ data out of Europe. The issue is with the Irish High Court. In December, Facebook argued to that court that to stop data transfers would have “devastating and irreversible consequences” for its business. But this rule would obviously impact all kinds of commercial data and companies. And obviously, it’s a big deal for the new administration. Molly speaks with Jessica Lee, a partner with the law firm Loeb & Loeb.