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PLI’s Technotainment 2015: Distributing Content Across Multiple Platforms

Loeb & Loeb LLP is pleased to announce that partner Barry Slotnick will be speaking in PLI’s Technotainment 2015: Distributing Content Across Multiple Platforms, on a panel titled, "Copyright in the Converged World."

From event website:

This year’s program includes today’s major legal and business issues in the convergence of entertainment and technology. The program brings together a faculty of experienced in-house lawyers, law firm attorneys and senior business executives on the cutting-edge of this challenging and burgeoning practice.

The expert faculty will address recent litigation and key cases involving convergence issues, such as the myriad of issues raised by new platforms and new technologies, as well as the resulting evolution of entertainment content; recent decisions on digital television and other content, and on right of publicity; issues in connection with social media and apps; advertising and promotions issues and strategies; and evolving intellectual property issues and strategies.

The discussions will also focus on transitions in the entertainment industries, such as TV, film, music, publishing and games, and the related issues and strategies. Be sure that you are on top of all of the developments and burning legal issues at the intersection of technology and entertainment! You will learn what you need to know to maintain your practice edge by attending this one-day “Technotainment” program.

What You Will Learn
Convergence trends and relevant technology developments
The evolving entertainment industries, including TV, film, music, publishing and games
Legal and other issues raised by creating entertainment content for the web and other new media
Trends in litigation and recent convergence cases
Legal issues in social media and apps
Agreements and provisions needed to address convergence issues
Intellectual property issues raised by convergence and related strategies