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ROTH Capital Partners 2010 Hawaii Conference

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor the ROTH Capital Partners 2010 Hawaii Conference, where partner Mitch Nussbaum will be participating on the "China Due Diligence Panel - Screening for Quality".

From the conference website:

The 2010 ROTH Hawaii Conference will feature three-days of group meetings with over 50 of ROTH's top China and US companies that we believe showcase areas with attractive growth potential and are considered "top picks" within their respective sectors. ROTH’s conference format differs from the typical investment conference by creating an intimate and focused environment enabling extensive interaction with senior management and the ability to gain in-depth insights into each company.

Panel Hightlights  

Moderated by ROTH’s Co-Director of Research, Mark Tobin, this panel will examine due diligence processes and considerations within the U.S.-listed China Sector. Investor perception of U.S. listed Chinese stocks has deteriorated during the past few months due to concerns over corporate governance, internal controls, earnings quality, and management credibility. Building upon themes discussed in our March 2010 panel, "Investing in China - Beyond the Fundamentals," this panel will highlight key criteria for investors researching U.S.-listed Chinese companies. While not all-inclusive, consideration of these factors in conjunction with fundamental analysis will help equip investors with the knowledge to identify high quality U.S. listed Chinese companies.


  • What are the characteristics of companies that trade at industry multiples?
  • What differentiates the best management teams?
  • The independent audit – what is and is not involved?
  • Transaction due diligence
  • Legal due diligence
  • Independent board of directors – improving corporate governance



Mitch Nussbaum, Loeb & Loeb
Bonnie Zhang, Deloitte
Drew Bernstein, Bernstein & Pinchuk
Jonathan Mork, Millenium Group
Marcus Tan, ROTH Capital Partners