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LAVA 2010 Investment Capital Conference

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to announce that partner Allan Duboff is co-chair of the LAVA 2010 Investment Capital Conference and will be speaking on the panel "Private Equity panel titled "Back in business or are they? What is the market given financing conditions and current portfolio challenges?"

From the conference website:

This year's Investment Capital Conference is a must attend event. Coming on the heels of the past year’s financial turmoil, the theme "A Practical Guide to Financing in 2010 - Current Market Sources and Pricing" reflects what's needed most by middle market executives today. In the past 18 months the financing landscape has changed dramatically.

  • Familiar names have disappeared or changed their market focus.
  • New, aggressive firms have entered the financing market.
  • The pricing and terms for obtaining debt and equity have changed.

This year's LAVA ICC is designed to be a highly efficient afternoon for corporate executives and members of the financial community to catch up and network.

Following a very special welcome by AEG, President and CEO, Tim Leiweke, our keynote speaker, Alex Wilcox, founder and CEO of JetSuite, will provide his personal experience with financing his latest aviation company. Mr. Wilcox was a founding President & COO of Kingfisher Airlines (India), founding Director of JetBlue, and VirginAtlantic Airlines.

In the afternoon, we're presenting four in-depth panels, covering current market pricing and terms in the major sectors of the capital market. Learn how to uniquely and effectively financially accelerate past competition:

  • Senior Debt: Cash Flow, versus asset based lending. Are commercial banks lending and if so what is the current criteria – pricing, structure, leverage? A practical guide to obtaining Senior Debt in today’s economic environment
  • Junior. Debt: What is it, when to use it and how to raise it. What is the typical structure in today’s market (pricing, covenants, term) and how to find providers for this type capital?
  • Private Equity: Back in business or are they? What is the market given financing conditions and current portfolio challenges?
  • Public Markets: Is the IPO window opening a crack and where? What is a “registered direct”? Should your company be public?

Following the panels, The CapitalZone offers you the opportunity to network and make valuable direct connections with members of the financial community. The CapitalZone features principals and executives of southern California’s leading financial firms representing billions in capital and will offer a unique opportunity to network and interact with managers and directors of leading funding sources for established companies.