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Bankruptcy for Bankers

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to announce that partner Greg Schwed will be a speaker at Bankruptcy for Bankers, hosted by the Mortgage Bankers Association of New York, Inc.

From the event website:

How Will Bankruptcy Affect Troubled Commercial Real Estate Loans This Time Around?

Most bankers who lived through the last downturn already know everything they want to know about the automatic stay and what a cramdown is. But will bankruptcy work differently this time around? Should bankers even worry about bankruptcy this time around? If so, what new issues do bankers need to know about? How will the courts respond to single-asset real estate cases going forward? Did the General Growth bankruptcy change everything?

To answer these questions and more, and get an overview of how the bankruptcy courts might deal with commercial real estate going forward, MBA of New York education committee chair Joshua Stein has invited two leading NYC bankruptcy lawyers to speak on this topic.

Our speakers will be Mark Broude of Latham & Watkins and Greg Schwed of Loeb & Loeb, both of whom practice exclusively bankruptcy and creditors’ rights law. They’ll try to answer the questions suggested in the last paragraph, and also take other questions from the audience.

This presentation will be targeted for bankers who have some limited knowledge of the basics of bankruptcy, but want an update on what they need to know now.