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The International Forum 2010 Annual Meeting

Loeb and Loeb LLP is proud to announce that partner Lloyd Rothenberg will speak at The International Forum 2010 Annual Meeting. His presentation, Litigation Update: Life Settlements and Premium Finance, will provide an update on the most recent and relevant judicial proceedings affecting the life settlement and premium finance markets and market participants. Discover the facts of a number of cases, decisions rendered to date, the impact (or potential impact) of these cases on various market participants, including life insurance agents and brokers, suggested steps to be taken (or not taken) and lessons to be learned.

The International Forum 2010 Annual Meeting provides insights from the best and brightest professionals in the life insurance industry, and all members of the Forum are strongly encouraged to speak. More than half of the 2010 speaker roster is comprised of members. See below for full bios on both member and non-member speakers.