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The Digital Symposium

Loeb & Loeb LLP is pleased to announce that Loeb partner James D. Taylor is speaking at Richmond Event's Digital Symposium.

From the Digital Symposium website:
The Digital Symposium places marketing solution providers and senior level marketing executives together for pre-agreed, pre-scheduled, business development meetings.

With a concentration on the Digital arena, our unique approach also provides attendees with an inspiring and provocative conference program and unlimited access to industry leaders.

Agenda Highlight

You've Joined the Conversation - Minimizing Legal Risk in the Emerging Media Marketing Channels
James D. Taylor, Loeb & Loeb LLP

You as the Marketer, are looking for ways to build your brand and sales through a variety of developing media channels which have legal landmines unlike any of the traditional media channels. Whether you are creating a company sponsored online social network, doing tie-ins with the hot social networking sites, running promotions and operating sites for people to submit content and ads for you or developing loyalty programs, making ad buys on mobile networks and considering a mobile platform for your brand, the legal issues can be overwhelming. Geared specifically for you the Marketer, join James D. Taylor from Loeb & Loeb LLP, one of the leading legal practitioners in the emerging media space as he provides practical guidance through these legal land mines so you can effectively market and build your brand using these developing and emerging platforms.

  • What risks to take and not to take and how to successfully work through the issues surrounding online social networks and user generated programs
  • What are the legal limits of online and mobile marketing - avoiding the pitfalls
  • How to find the right balance in protecting your brand and content while inviting the exchange of ideas, content and building a community around your brand
  • Making mobile part of your marketing campaign – hot buttons to watch out for
  • Learn what the regulators are focused on and what they really care about
  • Learn about building a loyalty and other community based programs that will satisfy your lawyers