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Injunctive Relief for Copyright Infringement — Not So Fast, Los Angeles Copyright Society

The Los Angeles Copyright Society is pleased to present their upcoming session featuring Loeb & Loeb LLP Partner Jonathan Zavin.

Overview from the Los Angeles Copyright Society website:

Prior to 2006 there were a few cases (including in the U.S. Supreme Court) that suggested that injunctive relief was not always the appropriate remedy when copyright infringement was found. In May 2006, the Supreme Court in eBay Inc. v. MercExchange, L.L.C. made clear that in copyright cases injunctions should not automatically follow a finding of infringement. Mr. Zavin will discuss the pre-eBay outlier cases that held, or more often ruminated, that an injunction might not be appropriate in all cases, and the Supreme Court’s validation of this position. Mr. Zavin will also discuss how the courts have been applying the eBay standard and what that means for injunctions in copyright cases in the post eBay world.