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Federal Brownfields Update - Where Are We? Where Are We Headed?

This program will provide you with an update on the current status of the Federal Brownfields Program. You will learn about benefits you can obtain under the Federal Brownfields Program, the status of the program and some of the risks to brownfields development resulting from a recent Supreme Court case and environmental risks associated with vapor intrusion.

I. Regulatory Update 
    A. Federal Brownfields Reauthorization
        Where Are We? 
    B. Federal Tax Incentives 
        1. What Do They Provide? 
        2. What Hazardous Substances Do They Cover? 
        3. What Happens After December 31, 2007 
    C. Federal Brownfields Grants

II. Hot Brownfield's Topics 
    A. What Impact Will the Atlantic Research Case
        Have on Brownfields Development? 
    B. Vapor Intrusion - Is It the New Asbestos?

These materials are designed for attorneys, project managers, developers, environmental professionals, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, lenders, accountants, CPAs, insurance professionals and government officials.

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