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Maximizing Branded Entertainment Deals

The American Conference Institute’s 2nd Annual Maximizing Branded Entertainment Deals is specifically tailored to provide a thorough understanding of the deals, in the wake of a rapidly changing technological age. Armed with ironclad negotiating tactics, tested hypotheticals, and real war stories; private attorneys, business and legal representatives from top brands, and advertising agencies will bring you fresh perspectives on:

  • Integrating brands through unconventional means such as webisodes and podcasts
  • Maximizing the brand lifecycle
  • Targeting brands to children
  • Projecting the financial result of a brand integration strategy
  • Overcoming common regulatory hurdles

Agenda Highlights 

Tuesday, March 27, 10:45 AM

Along with Jordan Yospe of AU-Dan Entertainment and Catherine Jaegers of Yum! Brands, Inc., Loeb Partner Marc Chamlin will present the following topic:

Ensuring That the Deal Covers the Intent of the Parties - Part 1: The Nuts and Bolts of Television Integrations: Creative Control and Maximizing Profits

  • Knowing who the players are and defining roles
  • Proven strategies for working with producers
  • Determining where creative control lies
  • Understanding the network’s structure at the outset of the deal
  • Choosing the right representative to work with the producers
  • Ensuring the deal makes sense for all parties
  • Achieving optimal story integration
    • finding a way to align the content with the brand
    • integrating the brand naturally and meaningfully
    • determining how much time the brand gets to be viewed
    • avoiding consumer “numbness” to the brand
  • Making sure the brand ends up in its intended location instead of the cutting room floor

Wednesday, March 28, 11:15 AM

Loeb Partner Ivy Kagan Bierman will speak on "Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Working with Talent and the Talent Unions."

  • What the unions view as major challenges with brand integration
  • Establishing payment structures for non-endorsed product placements
  • How the union contracts address new media
  • Drawing the line between an endorsement and a brand integration
  • Ensuring that negotiations are with the real decision makers
  • Understanding what the talent expects from the deal
  • Anticipating all the guild issues that can arise when working with a major celebrity
  • Making the case for avoiding guild jurisdiction