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LAVA Breakfast Meeting: IPOs in 2007

Loeb & Loeb LLP is a sponsor of the Los Angeles Venture Association breakfast meeting "IPOs in 2007."

From the LAVA Web site:

While the market has witnessed another wave of successful initial public offerings in 2006, the standards and considerations of the IPO process continues to be raised.  VCs, senior management and their advisors now have a wealth of options to consider - however an Initial Public Offering continues to be the ultimate path to liquidity and access to large scale equity financing.

In this panel, you will hear firsthand from the management, investment bankers and advisors behind one of Southern Cailfaornia's best received IPOs of 2006 - DIVX, Inc.  Learn about how to assemble the right team to ensure that your company can take advantage of market windows, avoid costly mistakes, and build solid aftermarket performance as a newly public company.

  • What are the current financial thresholds an IPO candidate must meet?
  • What measures should be taken to insure timely SEC approval?
  • What legal issues should be acknowledged before and after the IPO?
  • How are private equity firms driving IPO deal flow?
  • Will there be an appetite for micro-cap IPOs in 2007?
  • Are technology IPOs making a comeback?
  • IPO versus acquisition: virtues of a two-track strategy