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LAVA Breakfast Meeting: Accessing Capital Through PIPEs

Loeb & Loeb LLP is a sponsor of the Los Angeles Venture Association breakfast meeting "Accessing Capital Through PIPEs."

From the LAVA web site:
The PIPE (Private Investment in Public Equity) industry is heading toward a record year with $9.2 billion raised in 856 transactions in the US alone for first 8 months of 2006. This figure represents a 40% increase in dollars raised over the same period in 2005. No longer an instrument for down and out companies, PIPEs have become main stream. Bulge bracket firms are actively agenting deals for their largest clients, and micro cap companies are finding PIPE financings a simpler and more confidential way to raise money.

If you’re a CEO seeking access to this vast pool of capital, join us at LAVA on October 10 for a panel that will take you through the world of PIPEs. The panel also will explore the growing trend of the Reverse Merger/PIPE combo, a strategy which offers an injection of growth capital to companies going public through a shell.

The panel will discuss:

  • What is the size of the PIPE market today and why has it grown?
  • How are today’s deals being priced? 
  • What does an investor look for in assessing whether to participate in a placement? 
  • What types of investors are interested in PIPEs, and what are some of their strategies?
  • Reverse Mergers combined with PIPEs are a growing trend. Why? 
  • The role of hedge funds 
  • What type of due diligence is performed in the execution of a PIPE transaction? 
  • What is the filing process? SEC considerations? 
  • What are placement agent fees?
  • How much cash is left in the bank?
  • Aftermarket performance of stocks?

The panel will consist of the leading PIPE investment bank, PIPE investors, legal counsel and CEOs who have raised money through PIPEs and Reverse Mergers.