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Sports Law Leadership Summit

Loeb & Loeb LLP is an exhibiting sponsor of the American Conference Institute's Sports Law Leadership Summit.

From the ACI website:
As an attorney or businessperson in the sports industry, you represent some of the highest paid, highest-profile people in the country. These teams, leagues, athletes and corporations rely on you to represent them with the utmost level of professionalism, in a manner which will yield only top-rate results. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discuss the most challenging and interesting sports-related issues in an open forum with your fellow practitioners.

Depending on your role in the industry, your daily activities may include keeping the athletes (and the fans) from getting hurt and out of trouble, negotiating the best sponsorship or endorsement deals for the advertisers or athletes you represent, financing sports-related deals, or ensuring compliance with league regulations. You must ensure that you can best represent your clients, particularly the most demanding ones, in every situation. The American Conference Institute has designed this first-ever Sports Law Leadership Summit, where you can hear and share practical insights on:

  • Keeping contractual restrictions relating to athletes’ conduct practical and realistic
  • Cultivating brand strategies based on varying levels of sponsorship
  • Entering endorsement deals with competing companies
  • Policing unauthorized use of athletes’ and teams’ names
  • Predicting the future of collective bargaining agreements for the different leagues
  • Evaluating league rules that implicate the antitrust laws

Agenda Highlights

"Protecting Fans"
Brian Socolow
, Panelist
9:45 AM, Wednesday, September 27

"Negotiating Sports-Related Brand Integration Deals in a New Media Environment"
Doug Masters, Moderator
3:15 PM, Wednesday, September 27.