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How Our Teams Work Together

Chair of Commercial Real Estate Leasing Nichole Cortese, discusses leveraging leadership and growth opportunities for junior attorneys and the firm’s commitment to excellence in client service. “We have a structure that is often leanly staffed, so junior attorneys work directly with senior partners and have a lot of client contact. That connected with constructive feedback and support for business development provides opportunities for growth,” Nichole said. In regards to hiring new attorneys, “when we hire junior attorneys we do it with the intention that they develop into partners and we integrate them into the practice accordingly,” she added.

Nichole also spoke about the importance of common values, which allow for teams to successfully work together. “The most important among them are a commitment to excellence and a commitment to a culture of respect. Those are the building blocks for professional relationships both within the firm, where we hope people will want to grow and develop their careers, and with our clients who we hope will come to see us as part of their team.”