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The Hitmaker

Ashley Gorley is Nashville’s biggest hitmaker of all time. The seven-time ASCAP Country Music Songwriter of the Year has more than 55 No. 1 singles to his credit. That’s more than any other songwriter. In any genre. In history!

Without a doubt, Gorley’s success as a music creator is unrivaled. But his track record on the business side of the industry—as head of the hugely successful publishing and artist development company Tape Room Music—is just as astonishing. Within four short years, Tape Room Music writers have amassed more than 30 No. 1 songs in the country genre.

When Ashley Gorley decided to make the leap from independent songwriter to full-blown music entrepreneur, he knew he could rely on the lawyers at Loeb & Loeb to get him there. 

We’re proud to be one of the only firms able to help music industry clients grow not only as individual artists, but also as global brands and business enterprises. We help music creators and rights holders like Gorley understand and maximize the value of their catalogs, protect and manage their copyrights, and negotiate agreements in order to build and sustain successful businesses for the long term. 

Our lawyers helped fuel the launch and explosive growth of Tape Room Music through the structure of Gorley’s initial catalog sale. In the years since, we’ve assisted Gorley in developing copyright strategies, recognizing and creating opportunities, and implementing efficiencies to best position Tape Room Music for the future. 

Most recently, our team has worked closely with Gorley and Tape Room Music in preparing to go to market on a second catalog sale encompassing songs from the beginning of Gorley’s career. Through careful and creative contract strategy, along with exhaustive data analysis and financial modeling, we’re helping Gorley leverage and exploit his music assets to their greatest potential. 

As streaming services and an ever-expanding digital economy continue to reshape the music business, the value of song copyrights has never been higher. In a music publishing acquisitions market that’s constantly changing, Loeb & Loeb assists artists, songwriters, producers, publishers and rights holders like Ashley Gorley and Tape Room Music navigate the shifting landscape, manage their intellectual property, and make smart business decisions to take advantage of investor demand for music royalties and the new consumer demand for more streamed music. 

Ashley Gorley is hailed as Nashville’s king of No. 1s; his songs are consistently at the top of the charts. With the guidance of Loeb & Loeb’s music industry lawyers, Gorley and Tape Room Music’s upcoming catalog sale may just be Gorley’s greatest hit yet—stay tuned!