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Time's Reward

America’s Funniest Home Videos is one of the most enduring primetime television shows in history. Its creator, Vin Di Bona, pioneered a new television format in the U.S., and over the decades grew the beloved television property into an omnichannel entertainment juggernaut.
When Di Bona was considering the future of the show and the entertainment empire he had built around it, he knew he could trust Loeb & Loeb to guide him. Loeb & Loeb had helped Di Bona assess potential sale opportunities, but he was willing to wait for just the right deal.

Then Di Bona was approached by Hans Schiff and John Stevens, industry veterans at the helm of Venture 10 Entertainment Group, along with Clarion Capital Partners, a private equity firm looking to take an even bigger leap into the entertainment industry.

Their offer was for Di Bona’s companies—Vin Di Bona Productions and his studio, Fishbowl Worldwide Media—to form the foundation of what would be a new partnership between Di Bona, Venture 10 and Clarion.

V10 Entertainment Group, as it would be known, would give Di Bona access to funding to continue to grow America’s Funniest Home Videos across platforms and cement his and the show’s legacy, and it would give Schiff, Stevens and Clarion access to over 30 years of content on which to build their entertainment business. It was a win-win.

Perhaps most important, and what made this deal different, was that Di Bona knew Schiff and Stevens well. Di Bona trusted their track record and shared commitment to innovating television for the future. Not only were they the right fit, Di Bona was excited to see what they could do together.

With the right partners identified, we got to work.

Loeb & Loeb lawyers negotiated a deal on behalf of Di Bona that would see him sell a majority stake in his companies to establish the new partnership. With deep roots in the entertainment industry and a track record handling high-value deals centered on premium entertainment properties, we knew exactly what to do.

A cross-practice team of lawyers handled all aspects of the deal—from negotiating the terms of the sale itself to assessing complex intellectual property issues to executive benefits, tax, employment, entertainment and finance considerations.

Di Bona took great care in finding the right partners, and Loeb & Loeb took that same great care in ensuring that Di Bona’s interests were protected as he entered into this partnership and the next phase of his storied entertainment career.