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A Conversation with Brandon Zamudio: How Loeb Pride Fosters Meaningful Pro Bono Work

In this Q&A, Entertainment associate Brandon Zamudio discusses how being a part of the Loeb Pride affinity group enhances the overall experience at the firm and opens opportunities for meaningful pro bono work. He also looks ahead at how the group is expanding its reach externally by facilitating more collaboration with clients and pro bono initiatives. 

Tell us about your practice and the types of matters you primarily work on.

I’m a transactional entertainment attorney focusing primarily on matters in theater, film and television. My practice can range from negotiating and drafting underlying rights deals and talent agreements to reviewing content and advising on copyright and trademark issues. Before I went to law school, I was a theater producer in New York City, and everything I learned during those three years still informs my practice today.

What does being a part of Loeb Pride mean to you?

Being a part of Loeb Pride enhances my experience at Loeb in a variety of ways. First, it’s a great incubator of and pipeline to meaningful pro bono opportunities that touch on a range of LGBTQ+ matters. Second, it facilitates connections with colleagues throughout the firm regardless of department or level of seniority. I remember my first Loeb Pride meeting fondly. Colleagues from a variety of practice areas attended and, after almost four years at the firm, it was the first time I had a chance to meet many of them. These opportunities help create a more cohesive and collegial atmosphere, especially in a hybrid work environment.

How does your involvement as a leader in Loeb Pride influence your practice?

We’re fortunate that Loeb is a strong champion of pro bono work, led by our incredible pro bono director, Meredith Madnick. Since 2021, I’ve been collaborating on a deeply meaningful case representing a gay activist who faced harrowing discrimination and abuse in his home country. Our client is seeking asylum in the United States, and we successfully secured employment authorization for him so that he can begin building his new life productively. The support of our firm, and Loeb Pride in particular, allows us to significantly impact people’s lives through our legal practice.

Looking ahead, which of the group’s goals and priorities excite you most?

Loeb Pride has historically excelled in organizing internal educational seminars that explore relevant headline issues of today. Looking ahead, we are excited to expand Loeb Pride’s focus outward to include more opportunities to directly engage with clients on an additional level, whether as partners on related pro bono projects or as guests at special events. 

Beyond Pride Month, how can the legal industry support LGBTQ+ professionals?

It’s important to foster a sense of community throughout the whole year and not just during Pride Month. At Loeb, we are excited to roll out a calendar of events and opportunities throughout the year for Loeb Pride members to meet and engage with each other across all practice areas. Whether it’s working on pro bono matters together or going to events, like a night at the theater, these moments allow us to connect for a deeper sense of belonging at the firm.