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Are You Doing 'Deep Fake' Marketing? Consider Using a Scorecard

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is dynamically revolutionizing the ways we develop new audio and video content for marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns. For those in-house counsel tasked with reviewing and approving these initiatives, understanding the potential legal risks, and assessing those risks efficiently, is increasingly becoming a business imperative. One of those new areas involves “deep fake” marketing.

How can in-house counsel swiftly and competently assess legal risk for newly minted AI-driven campaigns? The answer lies in striking a balance of acceptable levels of legal risk, as defined within your organization, that conform with applicable industry standards, and guided by broader ethical considerations specific to your use case. 
In this Corporate Counsel article, Advanced Media & Technology partner Harry Valetk and Litigation partner Tal Dickstein explore a set of factors that in-house counsel should use to assess the likelihood and severity of legal risks related to deep fake marketing campaigns.