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Are M&A Replacing R&D In Pharma?

A $15.8 billion dollar bidding war for Salix Pharmaceuticals just came to a dramatic end as Valeant Pharmaceuticals beat Endo International with an all-cash offer for the company. While some sectors would view this as game changing, the pharmaceutical industry is beginning to see this as status quo. In 2015, pharma deals have “reached $59.3 billion, a 94% increase over that same period a year ago, and the highest value for this stage in any year since 2009,” according to Thompson Reuters.

Through mergers and acquisitions, the pharmaceutical industry is beginning to look like a pyramid where more companies are developing and fewer are commercializing.  This shift has many wondering why it is happening and how it affects healthcare.

In this article published in Forbes, Loeb & Loeb partner Scott S. Liebman and co-author Nicole Fisher, president and CEO of healthcare and human rights focused advising firm HHR Strategies, examine the challenges that pharmaceutical companies face in bringing a new drug to market—spurring the constant M&A activity—and evaluate the ways in which the emerging development and commercialization model is making for better healthcare.

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