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Little by Little, Law Firms Inch Closer to Web3 Staffing

Loeb Web3 Manager Gian Pastore is quoted in an article published by Law360 Pulse discussing the recent trend of a small segment of law firms hiring more staff focusing on Web3 technology and the potential long-term benefits.

According to the article, Loeb became one of the first law firms to provide staffing for Web3 technology when it brought on Gian. In speaking to the publication, Gian noted that other law firms and corporations would follow suit by filling analogous roles in the coming months. "As the macroeconomic variables that are currently playing a role in the markets start to calm down, I believe we will see more growth in this area." He went on to add, "People want to see that crypto and blockchain technology are here to stay, which is something Loeb recognized and capitalized on early."

Gian is able to help answer clients’ general knowledge questions regarding Web3 technology, which is valuable for many clients who struggle to keep pace with the rapidly developing technology. "As part of a team that includes lawyers with deep expertise in this area, I am able to answer non-legal questions and provide guidance on use-case and implementation of this still nascent technology,” Gian said. “I am able to provide technical insight and answers to a variety of technical questions, as well as guide clients in connection with the implementation of these various technologies.”

To read the full article, please visit Law360 Pulse’s website (subscription required).