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Alumni Q&A with Tanya Forsheit

Our alumni program, Loeb Reconnected, allows us to stay connected with former Loeb lawyers, regardless of where their journey takes them. In fostering this community, we take pride in learning about and showcasing what they have accomplished since leaving the firm.

In this Q&A, we feature Tanya Forsheit, who was a member of the Advanced Media & Technology (AMT) department from September 2021 until May 2022. 
Catch us up! What professional and personal milestones have you achieved since your time at Loeb? 

After about 25 years of working at law firms, I took a role at The New York Times Company as senior counsel, focusing on privacy, cybersecurity and consumer compliance, including marketing, subscriptions, and related legal matters. 

Currently, I am the Head of Privacy Compliance. I work remotely from the Los Angeles area, where I’m based, and I travel to our headquarters in New York for about a week each month.

In my current role, in addition to privacy, I oversee the legal aspects of cybersecurity and consumer compliance. It’s a multifaceted role, including both workplace and consumer-related privacy matters. Working at The New York Times is unique, and it’s one of the most interesting places for privacy-related legal work. In adtech deals, my role varies depending on whether The Times is the publisher or itself the advertiser placing ads on our surfaces and elsewhere.

Are there any skills or lessons you acquired at Loeb that you’ve taken on your career journey?

My time at Loeb was fantastic, especially due to the emphasis on privacy within the AMT department. Under Jim Taylor’s leadership, I co-chaired the Privacy, Security & Data Innovations practice alongside Jessica Lee. I had led a privacy practice at a smaller law firm before joining Loeb, so leading a practice group of this size was a new and truly valuable experience for me. In addition, working with other firm leaders, like Jim, allowed me to benefit from their experience and mentorship. 

My career has been somewhat unconventional, as I focused on privacy early on when it wasn’t as prevalent and there weren’t many senior lawyers focusing on related matters. Joining the team at Loeb provided me with valuable opportunities to learn and grow in a field that has evolved significantly over the years.

What does being a part of Loeb Reconnected, Loeb’s alumni community, mean to you?

Being a part of the Loeb Reconnected alumni community is valuable for several reasons. First, I’ve come across interesting information in the LinkedIn group, and I find great value in the newsletters and other content provided in areas relevant to my practice. I also appreciate the continued invitations to events and conferences where I can stay connected with familiar faces like Jessica and others at the firm.

While I consider myself a fairly new member of Loeb Reconnected, I recognize the importance of these alumni communities. They provide a valuable platform for networking, sharing knowledge and staying informed about new developments in the legal space.

Can you share a specific Loeb memory that you are fond of? 
I was at Loeb during a unique time period, when the pandemic was still ongoing, but we were gradually moving toward returning to the office and attending events.

One memorable experience was in November 2021, when several members of the AMT department participated in the ANA Advertising Law Conference in San Diego. I was part of a panel discussion, alongside Nate Hole and others, discussing the future state of advertising, ad tech developments and privacy-enhancing technologies. During the conference, we also held a group AMT dinner, which brought us all together for a bonding experience during a time when in-person opportunities were limited.

What did you like most about working at Loeb? What about Loeb’s environment made your experience unique?

The lawyers at Loeb are a highly esteemed and knowledgeable group, and it was a remarkable experience to work alongside them. Loeb lawyers are not just great professionals but also wonderful individuals to interact with on a daily basis. Learning from them and observing their leadership was the most rewarding aspect, especially during a time when virtual interactions dominated our work routine. Being surrounded by such exceptional people and witnessing their leadership was an invaluable experience.