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From America to Zimbabwe: Three Global Data Privacy Trends to Be Aware of Right Now

Jessica Lee, chair of Loeb & Loeb’s Privacy, Security & Data Innovations practice, is quoted in an article published by The Drum discussing the proliferation of consumer data privacy laws and their impact on businesses. 

According to the article, emerging data privacy legislation poses a challenge for companies engaged in targeted advertising, including advertisers and publishers. “There is a lot to navigate,” Jessica said. “We talk about a patchwork of privacy laws in the U.S., but the real patchwork is a global patchwork that has created different standards and requirements for data that make it very challenging to run a global privacy program.”
For advertisers, publishers and developers who make a living dealing in consumer data, “tracking both the trends in cross-border restrictions and the broader evolution of global privacy laws is critical,” Jessica noted. 

“As businesses continue to ‘go global’ in their operations, the ability for data to be able to flow across borders is critical,” she said, noting that companies that are planning to expand globally should closely examine emerging restrictions on data transfers.
“I see cross-border data transfer restrictions and data localization requirements as one of the biggest global privacy trends that is likely to have impacts across the advertising ecosystem,” Jessica said.

To read the full article, please visit The Drum’s website.