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Calling B.S.

By all measures, the business of wellness is booming. Juice cleanses, mindfulness apps, elaborate skincare routines—diligent care of body and mind has become a pervasive and lucrative cultural trend.

Personal care and grooming products represent the largest segment of the surging wellness economy. But fashionable, multistep personal care regimens are increasingly marked by exorbitant prices and lackluster results. 

Surveying this industry landscape, one innovative startup decided to call B.S. 

Bravo Sierra, irreverently named after the military-coded expletive, turned to Loeb & Loeb for help in building a new brand of skin, body and hair products that bucked current trends and focused on minimalism, convenience and high performance. All at an affordable price point. 

What’s more, Bravo Sierra planned to cater its line of grooming essentials to an audience the personal care industry rarely targets: the U.S. military. Through the company’s proprietary Battalion platform, each product would be developed and field tested in collaboration with a community of “creator-consumers” comprised of more than 1,000 active-duty service members and veterans, ensuring peak efficacy of Bravo Sierra’s products in even the toughest conditions. 

Loeb & Loeb assisted Bravo Sierra in developing, protecting and leveraging a suite of unique brand assets, including a series of glyphs and symbols that are integral to the startup’s identity, reflecting its clean and utilitarian style. Our leading brand protection lawyers advised on product labeling and packaging, advertising claim substantiation, platform terms of use, and patentability of Bravo Sierra’s first-to-market technologies and formulas.

Determined to thrive in the fast-paced startup world, Bravo Sierra also sought guidance from Loeb & Loeb’s corporate and finance practitioners to help its team make smart and nimble business decisions in the critical early and emerging growth stages.

With Loeb & Loeb’s help, Bravo Sierra has grown rapidly and strategically, including a Series A Preferred Stock venture funding round secured months ahead of schedule and a venture loan from Silicon Valley Bank to fuel ambitious development plans. 

Bravo Sierra’s products were offered initially on military bases, and direct-to-consumer sales were made through the brand’s website. During its first full year of operation, Bravo Sierra targeted sales upward of $6 million and landed a deal with Target for rollout in 550 stores. Among other accolades, the company was named to Forbes’ Survivors and Thrivers list of 25 small-business standouts that outperformed during the pandemic.

That’s great news for the company’s bottom line. It’s even better for Bravo Sierra’s altruistic mission of giving back to the very community its products were designed for. 

Five percent of Bravo Sierra’s sales are donated to the Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs serving U.S. service members, veterans and their families. And whether you’re a soldier or a civilian, we’re sure you’ll agree—there’s nothing B.S. about that.