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Toxic Chemicals Leaked Under SLO Airport for Decades. Who Is Responsible for Cleanup?

Loeb Litigation partner Albert Cohen is quoted in The Tribune discussing the water board’s February draft cleanup and abatement order to San Luis Obispo, requiring its agencies to fully replace the PFAS-contaminated water with clean water.

Speaking about the county’s response to the draft order, Albert said that while the County is not legally responsible for the PFAS contamination because it acted in compliance with FAA regulations, and, therefore, the Water Board lacks authority to issue an order, the county “fully intends to fulfill its obligations to the public by insuring that those living and working in the area have drinking water that is safe to use, whether or not the (water board) issues an order, because doing so is consistent with its obligations to its citizens.”

To read the full article, please visit The Tribune’s website.