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Lance Armstrong and Lessons Learned: Protecting a Brand Before, During and After a Crisis

"The best defense is a good offense" is an adage athletes know well, and it applies to their activities off the field as well as on. A sports figure's personal brand is big business, both for the athlete and the companies that sponsor him or her. Both sides need to establish a strategy for protecting themselves when getting into or out of a deal - and not just against the fallout from a major scandal. Without an organized playbook for protecting a brand, each team risks a hit to its brand identity and bottom line.

Using Lance Armstrong's recent troubles as a case study, this webinar will dive into how sports figures and companies can better manage their brands from a legal, financial and PR standpoint - before and after a potential scandal affects them. Loeb partners Arash Khalili and Brian R. Socolow will share their plays for an active offense and an equipped defense that athletes and the brands that sponsor them can use to maximize the benefits of their business relationship.