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Who Is Watching You? Updates in Online Behavioral Advertising and Privacy

The webinar slides and other materials are available for download below.

Have you been wondering what the current state of the online behavioral advertising self-regulatory program is? Lost track of the state and federal Do Not Track bills? Not sure what the significance is of the White House “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights”? Trying to figure out best practices for collecting information from mobile devices and mobile apps? This webinar will attempt to answer all of these questions and more.

Loeb & Loeb attorneys James D. Taylor, partner and co-chair of the Advanced Media and Technology Department and chair of the Advertising and Promotions Law Practice Group, Ieuan Jolly, a partner in the Advanced Media and Technology Department, and Nathan J. Hole, an associate in the Advanced Media and Technology Department, will provide a much-needed round-up of legislation, regulatory enforcement actions, self-regulatory compliance reports, class action lawsuits, and new guidelines relating to online and mobile behavioral advertising and privacy.