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CCG首次公开上市集训营,美国纽约市 (2010年6月25日

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to be a sponsor of the CCG IPO Boot Camp, which will feature Loeb Partner Mitchell Nussbaum.

From the conference site:

With the U.S. economy beginning to show signs of recovery and a growing
appetite for new issues in the equity markets, private companies and
their financial sponsors are increasingly thinking about pursuing an IPO
or alternative going public strategy in order to finance internal growth and
acquisitions, provide liquidity for existing shareholders, incentivize key
management team members, and build an outstanding global corporate

The IPO Boot Camp will provide CEOs, CFOs, venture capitalists and
private equity sponsors with an intensive, one-day training seminar on every
issue they need to understand to choose the right path to going public and
optimize both their offering and aftermarket performance. Top underwriters
and active IPO investors will give management and their sponsors an
unvarnished look at the qualities required for a successful public debut in
today’s demanding markets.

Given the heightened investor standards following the global financial crisis,
only the most well prepared companies with a world-class team of advisors
are likely to achieve their goals. Expert panelists will advise companies
how to accelerate their IPO readiness and optimize their valuation through
a commitment to world-class governance, creating the “perfect pitch,”
developing robust reporting and forecasting systems, and avoiding the legal
and accounting pitfalls that can derail or delay an offering during fickle IPO
windows of opportunity.

The seminar will also discuss the Return of the Small Cap IPO and
alternative going public techniques that companies can use to raise capital
and achieve public status so as to accelerate their growth curve and position
themselves for larger future public market financings.
The IPO Boot Camp, presented by CCG Investor Relations at the historic
New York Stock Exchange, will provide private companies with a total road
map to the going public process packed into one informative day.