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Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor the U.S. IPO Summit, where Loeb partner Mitch Nussbaum will be a panelist.


  • What Do the U.S. Capital Markets Expect for Your Sector in 2010?
  • What Should You Expect from the U.S. Capital Markets This Year?
  • What Do Recent Deals Say About Valuations for Your Company?
  • What Are Key Considerations When Approaching the U.S. Capital Markets Today?
  • Who Are The Experts in Your Sector As You Consider an IPO?

This exclusive event brings together a diverse and experienced group of private companies, investment banks, law firms and accounting firms to discuss the "best practices" in the Initial Public Offering process for China-based companies seeking to list in the U.S., with a particular focus on today’s more active areas of new issuance: Healthcare, Consumer, Cleantech, Education and TMT.

Sector panels are led by leading investment banks, investors, and “success stories” in the sector. These panels will educate a targeted audience of pre-public companies on:

  • Valuation metrics, growth drivers and industry trends
  • Regulatory issues and investor concerns about your industry
  • Investment banking process overview and expected capital markets activity in 2010
  • Pre-IPO auditing process and timeline 
  • Board of director selection and executive and director compensation
  • Evaluating listing in the U.S. versus other markets
  • Investor relations: A financial function, pre- and post-IPO
  • The "re-IPO" process: Focusing on helping select OTCBB companies upgrade to NASDAQ in tandem with a capital raise.