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特殊目的收购公司(SPAC) 市场的将来: 2008秋

Loeb & Loeb LLP is pleased to announce that Loeb partner Mitch Nussbaum is the co-chair of Tolkin's The Future of the SPAC Market conference. The conference also features presentations by Mitch Nussbaum and Giovanni Caruso.

From the Tolkin site:
The Future of the SPAC Market: Fall 2008 conference highlights the developments and trends taking place in the market from now until the late fall. You obtain practical guidance from our expert speakers, who have vast experience within the SPAC market. Some of the imperative topics this conference covers are alternative SPAC options, emerging markets, institutionally sponsored SPACs and positioning SPACs for a shareholder vote.

Agenda Highlights

Monday, October 27 - 2:35 PM - Examining Developments of Emerging Markets: Review the Latest Advances - featuring Loeb partner Mitch Nussbaum

  • Highlighting the overseas market
  • Spotting the newest markets to appear in the United States by identifying the recent trends
  • Predicting the possible 2009 emerging markets with a look at current and past developments
  • What are the fastest growing SPAC markets and discovering the best practices to utilize in transactions
  • Understanding foreign private issuers by following the latest trends

Tuesday, October 28 - 11:45 AM - Transition shareholders from IPO to post-acquisition featuring Loeb partner Giovanni Caruso

  • The nature of SPAC IPO investors and the need to transition shares to other stockholders.
  • When the company should begin working to transition the shares.
  • Things to remember when dealing with potential investors.
  • How share transitions were effected in some transaction.