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The Best Time to Adopt an AI Policy Is Now: Why You Need an AI Policy and What It Needs to Address

Have you asked someone to write an email for you? Create an RFP? Even write a brief? It is very possible that employees at your firm or your company are not actually creating this content by themselves. Instead, they are asking generative artificial intelligence applications to do it for them. 

According to the think tank, the Conference Board, “56 percent of workers are using generative AI on the job, with nearly 1 in 10 employing the technology on a daily basis.” While AI is used by a majority of employees, only about 25% of organizations have a generative AI policy. It is time that organizations catch up with the reality of AI and start to adopt generative AI policies. 

In this PLI article authored by Advanced Media & Technology partner Nerissa Coyle McGinn, she highlights the importance for companies to develop artificial intelligence policies. Nerissa explores the background and evolution of AI, significant achievements and impacts, and the importance of implementing AI policies due to legal concerns, including intellectual property issues and data privacy considerations.

To read the full article, please visit PLI’s website.