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Trademark Infringement Suit for City National Bank

Represented City National Bank in connection with a trademark litigation regarding the mark for “City National Bank” against City National Bank of Florida. City National Bank is the owner of federal trademark registrations for the name and mark “City National Bank” and has been using that name to provide financial services since 1954. In 2016, City National Bank of Florida filed suit against City National Bank, asserting claims for common law trademark infringement, based on the plaintiff’s belief that City National Bank was operating in the plaintiff’s common law territory of South Florida. City National Bank filed counterclaims, including for trademark infringement, and for an injunction limiting the Florida bank to its geographically-limited common law territory. In February 2018, and on the eve of trial, the Court granted City National Bank’s motion to strike the jury, and the following week the parties settled the case on mutually agreeable terms.