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Chicago Alumni Reflections

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Loeb’s Chicago office, we took the opportunity to reconnect with some of our talented Chicago alumni. Their experiences and reflections on their time spent with us echo the core values and distinctive culture that define Loeb. These alumni have not only witnessed our evolution but have also played an integral role in our continued success. As we mark this significant milestone, we look back with gratitude and excitement for what the future holds. 

“One of my favorite memories as an associate in Loeb’s Chicago office was attending the litigation associate deposition training in the Los Angeles office. This allowed me to not only hone my skills but also to spend time with my fellow colleagues from other Loeb offices.” – Stacy Howard

I remember when the large photo artwork was installed in the conference room. It took the artists several days to assemble, as it was a complicated and exquisite canvas of a masterful photographic montage of the aftermath of the Chicago Fire. Shortly after it was installed, I was photographed for a marketing piece being done by Leading Lawyers, and they selected a photo of me in front of it for the publication. Many colleagues in the Chicago office at the time joked that the magazine cropping made it look as if I was supervising the Chicago Fire!– Elizabeth Majers

Hands down, my favorite thing about Loeb’s Chicago office was the camaraderie. When I started, we were a very small office of around 20 lawyers, and even as we grew to more than double that size, we remained a close-knit group. One of my favorite traditions was when a group of lawyers in the Advanced Media & Technology department would informally decide to head over to a local coffee shop in the middle of the workday with our laptops and set up shop there for a few hours, working alongside each other at a large table. It was as close to a startup feel as you could probably get at a law firm, and it really made it feel like we were all in it together, despite actually working on separate matters.” – Sue Paik

My time at Loeb Chicago was terrific, both in terms of professional growth and the great relationships I built. As a lateral hire, I quickly felt connected to the whole firm and had the chance to work with various offices and practice groups.” – Nina Ruvinsky 

My favorite part about the Chicago office was the colleagues and clients I worked with. I recall working with one expert on a litigation matter involving chewing gum manufacturing. I enjoyed learning fast facts, like how gum is designed to have waves of flavor that unfold when chewing, that I still remember today.– Regan Smith