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PMA Annual Conference 2007

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor the Promotion Marketing Association's 2007 Annual Conference.

Conference Description from the PMA Web Site:

Human history is filled with occurrences that have completely changed the way people live. As mankind evolved, these occurrences were mostly new discoveries, and they happened relatively infrequently – the discovery of fire, tools, the wheel, and the earth being round.

NOW in the 21st century, the primary force for change has evolved, with social influences – everything from the internet, blogs to cell phones to reality TV - that act as catalysts for even more change.

These new social influences have caused major changes in the way people live, including how, why and what they buy. Companies that market products must make major changes as well, or they risk losing relevance to their customer base.

In short, marketers are now facing a time that is changing everything. The vision of this conference is to help you as a marketing professional to:

  1. Realize that we are in a time when everything is changing and to understand what it means to you professionally
  2. Understand and embrace the changing world in order to compete
  3. Learn what you need to do to market successfully, not just for today, but for years to come

Please visit the PMA Web site for registration information and a full agenda.