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Outsourcing Institute - BPO Innovations Conference

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor the Outsourcing Institute's BPO Conference, where partner Kenneth A. Adler will speak on a panel titled, "Aligning BPO with your Business, IT and Cloud Strategies" and Akiba Stern will be moderating a panel titled, "BPO Vendor Governance: Mitigating Risks, Improving Outcomes."

From the conference website:  

Outsourcing Institute's BPO Innovations Conference will explore how innovation in outsourcing is changing the marketplace. The event will reveal how smart practitioners and providers can collaborate and co-create innovative solutions to go up the value chain and increase top-line growth and improve performance.

Aligning BPO with your Business, IT and Cloud Strategies - As the Outsourcing industry goes through a convergence of technologies and business models, it is becoming important to craft BPO initiatives keeping that in mind. Discover from this panel of practitioners and providers why aligning BPO with an organization’s business, IT and Cloud strategies is becoming an imperative. How can companies ensure they get the most from every outsourcing engagement and maximize performance and returns?

BPO Vendor Governance: Mitigating Risks, Improving Outcomes - Up to 15% of outsourcing contract value can be lost due to lack of or mismanaged Vendor Governance. Understanding and adequately enforcing key aspects of Vendor Governance will significantly reduce risks emerging from Financial, Regulatory and Operational perspectives. These panelists will discuss how effective Governance can stop value leakage and improve outcomes and what are some of the best practices that have been successfully adopted in BPO engagements.