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The Copyright Society of the U.S.A. 2007 Mid-Winter Meeting

From the Conference Brochure:

The Copyright Society of the USA is excited about the 2007 Mid-Winter meeting this year in New Orleans. It is our first joint meeting with American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) since the wonderful mid-winter meeting we had at LaQuinta many years ago. Because of our desire to overlap our meetings, the dates are a few weeks earlier than usual so that we could work with AIPLA on programming. In a city rich with music our Friday morning session with AIPLA, COPYRIGHT IN JAZZ, will be as educational as it is entertaining.

Saturday morning's sessions are reflecting today's realities in Washington, DC as well as in the courts. The first session discusses the new direction of Section 115 and our second session focuses on what the courts have been dealing with.

Agenda Highlight

At 9:30 AM on Friday, January 26, Loeb Partner Ken Anderson will participate as a panelist on "Copyright in Jazz (and Other Improvisatory Arts)."
Jazz, stand-up comedy, freestyle rap, poetry slams and many other art forms are often created spontaneously, largely without the sort of preexisting "writing" that copyright law was designed to protect. When these arts are captured on a videotape or sound recording, it may be difficult to decide where the underlying work ends and the derivative work begins, what's the composition as distinct from the performance, the arrangement, or the recording; traditional legal categories don't often fit neatly with what artists in these fields actually do. This session will explore how collaborative, improvisatory creativity really works -- as demonstrated live by some of New Orleans' finest jazz musicians -- and will identify some of the most thought-provoking legal issues raised by this form of creativity. In addition to the musical performers, the program will include attorneys with extensive experience in producing, licensing, and litigating over improvised performances.