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How We Nurture a Culture of Belonging

Loeb & Loeb’s Chief Diversity Officer Jennifer Davda, discusses the importance of community building, education and the multiple ways in which the firm facilitates interaction amongst its employees, attorneys and staff. “One of the primary ways is our Affinity groups, which provide safe spaces for individuals to talk about opportunities, challenges or things that might be new to them, that they want a safe space to receive guidance and mentorship,” Jennifer said. In addition, Jennifer added that the Affinity groups also help to curate and host programs around diversity, equity and inclusion, which further invite allies into the conversation. Regardless of their background, individuals are free to discuss their differences, challenges or opportunities that are available to them at Loeb and within the legal profession in a safe-space environment. 

Jennifer also discussed the systems and processes in place in order to ensure that everyone at Loeb can be successful, especially those from historically underrepresented communities. “By those systems I mean evaluating the work allocation system; ensuring that there’s more transparency around the elevation to partnership or even supporting people in their business development endeavors,” Jennifer said. Loeb’s employee workforce is both nimble and open to change and innovation as seen through its piloted programs, which allow the firm to gather feedback and implement change. “That allows us not only to keep up with other organizations but to be an innovator in this space,” Jennifer concluded.