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We live in an age in which data and information are critical business assets, and the question of cyberattacks and data breaches is seemingly no longer if, but when. Loeb & Loeb offers leading regulatory and compliance counsel to safeguard against information security incidents and threats, and experienced representation to help clients swiftly and effectively respond to such incidents and navigate the myriad legal and business issues in the wake of a cybersecurity event.

We work alongside our clients to handle every aspect of cybersecurity incident response and crisis management. From the earliest stages of an attack, breach, or other real or threatened compromise of data, our attorneys — several of whom are former government regulators or law enforcement personnel — are called in to conduct internal investigations, determine the cause and scope of the incident, resolve the matter, protect against further data breaches, and collect the evidence and information needed to defend our clients from business, legal and reputational harm. We help clients assess the immediate impact and legal exposure of a cyber incident, assist in coordinating appropriate notifications to governmental authorities and affected individuals, and serve as liaisons to law enforcement in cyber investigations and post-breach litigation, when necessary.

Our attorneys have close relationships with the major cybersecurity consultants and deep experience engaging and overseeing these vendors in order to provide legal support and coordination during forensic assessment of a cyber incident. When the need arises, we are also well-positioned to defend clients in state and federal regulatory investigations, state attorney general lawsuits, individual and class action lawsuits, and shareholder derivative suits involving alleged privacy violations, disclosures of personally identifiable information and other data breach claims. 

Our diverse clients include companies of all sizes and industries. Given Loeb & Loeb’s deep experience and long history serving the media and entertainment sectors, we are particularly well-versed at addressing the unique and complex cyber- and information-security issues facing these industries. Our distinctive mix of industry knowledge and perspective, understanding of technology and information systems, cutting-edge regulatory insight, and seasoned white collar defense and litigation acumen delivers a formidable service platform to help companies face the unprecedented challenges of managing privacy and cybersecurity risks in today’s digital world.