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What Loeb Means to Us: Adam, David and Anastasia

Left to right: David Grace, Adam Kelly and Anastasia Slivker

David Grace
“Loeb has a sense of family, with people here genuinely caring about each other, the clients and the work. Having been part of Loeb for 25 years, I have seen people come and go and some come back. Of those who stay, most stay for a long time. When I speak with alumni, most reminisce about fond memories of having been part of Loeb and still think of themselves as part of the bigger Loeb community.”

Adam Kelly 
“What I value about the Loeb community is the character and quality of the people who work for our firm. Many of us spend more time at work than we do with our families. And to know that you’re surrounded by highly skilled, supportive co-workers who genuinely care about you, our firm and their contributions to the firm is special. Although there are many law firms, there is only one Loeb.”

Anastasia Slivker
“What I value most about the Loeb community is collaboration. No problem or question is unsolvable in a true community where colleagues within and among departments work together, help each other and simply elevate each other in the process of collaboration. While I can’t walk down the hall or a flight of stairs to bounce off an idea during this period when we’re working from home, I can call my colleagues regularly to ask for their advice and input. The more we are connected with each other in a collaborative environment, the more sophisticated and comprehensive our work product becomes. And that leads to excellence, which is why I so greatly value collaboration.”