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The iGlobal Forum 17th Real Estate Private Equity Summit West

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor The iGlobal Forum 17th Real Estate Private Equity Summit West where partner Thomas Hanley will be speaking on a panel titled "Cashing in on CRE Credit and Debt Strategies" taking place from February 21-22, 2018.

From the event website :
For the first time, there is more money in real estate than ever before, introducing new challenges to keep up to demand. More foreign capital is flowing into US real estate, bringing the industry to a peak pricing environment and pushing investors into new markets daily. With pricing reaching an all-time high in a deal-drought environment, coupled with global market volatility, investors and developers are skittish in where to put their dry powder, pushing private equity professionals to new, niche areas of real estate that haven’t previously been explored.As the industry emerges from a low interest rate environment, and into a rapidly changing landscape with lower taxes, less regulations, higher rates and higher inflation, what does this mean for private equity real estate? What are the best ways to take advantage of the opportunities in the market today? And what are the risks that investors could encounter along the way? These are some of the thought-provoking questions that will be addressed through a variety of formats at iGlobal Forum’s flagship event.

For more information on the event, including how to register, please visit the event website.