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41st Annual UCLA Entertainment Symposium

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor the 41st Annual UCLA Entertainment Symposium: "Entertainment Madness: Keeping All the Balls in the Air" on March 17-18, 2017.

From event website:

Gone are the days when someone could introduce themselves as an entertainment executive or lawyer and the only clarifying question that followed would be, "Film, television, or music?" The marketplace has blurred the lines of division between these traditional silos, challenging traditional businesses while offering the promise of new opportunity in innovative areas such as mobile, social, and virtual reality. As customers continue to embrace a cross-platform, cross-media content experience, creators and companies have no choice but to do the same. But how are the powerhouses of the new entertainment economy redefining how business gets done and how money gets made? How can traditional power-players adapt their conventional business models to flourish in this brave new world? As this program will illustrate, for companies and individual professionals alike, success in the modern entertainment industry means keeping more balls in the air than ever before.

For more information including how to register, please visit the symposium website.