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NYVC Sports Event

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor the NYVC Sports Event on the topic of: "Growth of eSports: How did it get so big? Where is it going? What does it all mean?".

The rapid rise of video gaming, now often referred to as eSports, has taken the sports and entertainment world by storm. Many industry experts predict that this phenomenon has more growth potential than many “traditional” sports. So it should come as no surprise that this is a hot topic. We plan to dive into eSports with an interactive panel featuring a variety of eSports insiders on a range of topics, including: Amazon buying Twitch for almost a billion dollars; League of Legends championship attracting a larger audience than Playoff games; Game tournaments selling out giant arenas; Colleges offering gaming scholarships.

From the NYVC Sports website:

Founded in 2012 by Jeffrey Volk (VP of New Business Development at MLB Advanced Media) and Deepen Parikh (Partner at Interplay Ventures), NYVC Sports seeks to integrate New York City's vast entrepreneurial, enterprise, and investing communities through a curated network of executives -- all at the intersection of the digital and sports marketplaces.

Through monthly panels, debates, breakfast series, business pitches, and other unique events, NYVC Sports integrates New York’s vast entrepreneurial, enterprise, and investing communities. Our network features representatives from each of the professional sports leagues, teams, media players and publishers, as well as select entrepreneurs, agencies, private equity investors and venture capitalists, all of whom focus on New York’s sports and digital.

For more information on NYVC Sports, please visit their website.