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How to Create Alternative Fee Arrangements That Provide Value

Loeb & Loeb is proud to sponsor "How to Create Alternative Fee Arrangements That Provide Value".

From the event's website:

Is alternative pricing of legal services a myth or are some lawyers and clients moving beyond the billable hour? Join a panel of prominent speakers as we explore success fees, banking fees, contingency fees, modified fixed fees, and combinations of alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) as options to the traditional hourly billing model. Some companies turn to AFAs for budgetary reasons; others want to better align the incentives of clients and outside law firms. AFAs can reap benefits for all parties but also present risks. The panel will discuss what clients and firms should think about before entering into an AFA, how to align the goals of all parties, what AFA techniques and processes can be used and which ones work better in different contexts, ethical issues, financing arrangements and other practical considerations.

For additional information, including how to register, please visit the event's website.