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NYVC Sports: Major Events and their Economic Impact on their Host Cities

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor the New York Venture Community Sports panel titled, "Major Events and their Economic." 

From the event website: 

“Major Events and their Economic Impact on their Host Cities” will feature representatives of some of the largest sporting events in the world, we will dive into the impact that these events have on their host cities. The opportunity to bring these events to New York City has given rise to a slew of new stadiums (MetLife, Yankees, Citi Field, Red Bull) and arenas (Barclays, Prudential, updated Madison Square Garden) in the greater New York area to host new (Super Bowl '14, NYC 2012 bid) and annual (NYC Marathon, US Open, NYC Triathlon) events.

Through monthly panels, debates, breakfast series, business pitches, and other unique events, NYVC Sports integrates New York’s vast entrepreneurial, enterprise, and investing communities. Our network features representatives from each of the professional sports leagues, teams, media players and publishers, as well as select entrepreneurs, agencies, private equity investors and venture capitalists, all of whom focus on New York’s sports and digital.