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Cleantech Connect

Loeb & Loeb LLP is pleased to present this networking event for industry insiders.

Join us to talk cleantech and discover exciting prospects for investment or collaboration. Cleantech Connect will be hosted by Loeb partner Joseph F. Daniels and will feature Arrun Kapoor, managing director of SJF Ventures, as keynote speaker. SJF Ventures focuses on growth stage, capital efficient companies in the areas of material waste reuse and recycling, resource optimization, energy and grid efficiency, sustainable agriculture and food, and enabling technology for renewable energy. After the keynote, four companies will present their businesses and the program will conclude with a networking cocktail reception.


5:30-6:30 PM Registration and networking (cocktails will be served)
6:30-6:40 PM Opening remarks by Joseph F. Daniels, Partner, Loeb & Loeb LLP
6:40-7:00 PM Keynote address by Arrun Kapoor, Managing Director, SJF Ventures
7:00-8:00 PM Company presentations 
8:00-9:00 PM Networking (cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served)

Presenting Companies

  • OCION Water Sciences Group develops, manufactures and markets environmentally responsible products to clean water, and applies water-based mineral technologies to protect plants, livestock and humans from water and food-borne biological health threats.
  • Carbolosic Corporation is poised to become a major producer of cellulosic sugars, using its U.S.-patented KinChemTM process. Carbolosic's chemical-kinetic conversion process is fast, efficient, and affordable, producing low-cost sugars that are ideal for the fermentation and biofuels industries. In particular, cellulosic biofuels earn higher Renewable Identification Numbers.
  • FXQ Engineering Group is in the process of exiting the lab and preparing for marketplace entry. In a world where 1% energy reductions are the norm, FXQ motor designs acheive 5-10% energy reductions, while also extending motor life.
  • Eco Ventures Group is an international renewable energy company committed to providing for society's growing mineral, energy and renewable resource needs through the commercialization of new green technologies. The group focuses on five core areas—solar energy, biodiesel production, combined heat and power, wood pellets and rapeseed oil pressing and trading—and is experiencing significant growth, with plans to begin biofuel production at its nearly-completed Groveland, FL plant in 2013. 

Presenting Companies from the March 13, 2012 Event:

  • alm Composite Systems, LLC manufactures vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs), utilizing a proprietary composite material. The VAWT is a more cost efficient, more durable, highly efficient producer of wind energy compared to those made of other materials. The ACS VAWT material and proprietary design affords the customer a less expensive energy producer compared to other turbines, while providing a higher output of energy. This design was developed to support low cost, high volume manufacturing.
  • EcoLogic Solutions, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of environmentally preferable (EP) cleaning and maintenance chemicals and technology to the institutional marketplace. Using its own proprietary formulas and patented technologies, ELS offers more than 100 green, third party-certified products that are currently sold to accounts such as Whole Foods Market, Chipotle, Statue of Liberty, conEdison, Durst Organization, Universal/NBC and Mario Batali. As a complement to its full suite of products, ELS provides game-changing electro-chemically activated (ECA technology) that produces a cleaning agent and sanitizer on-site using only salt, water and electricity. ECA replaces dish machine soap and toxic sanitizers at Whole Foods and elsewhere.
  • Acolyte Industries, Inc. designs, invents and distributes battery-operated smart LED devices and has filed numerous patents in the field of LED and heat-sinking technology as well as LED control systems. Over the past three years Acolyte has opened lighting agency networks to sell their line of LED lighting solutions and has completed over 500 LED lighting projects in the US alone, along with a few international projects in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, India and Bahrain.


Presenting Companies from the November 30, 2011 Event:

  • Sollega designs, tests and manufacturers solar mounting solutions serving the US and European markets. With offices in New York and San Francisco, Sollega provides the simplest solar mounting systems on the market, reducing labor, time and project costs. Its goal is to enable the installation of solar PV on every suitable roof in the world.
  • So Clear Beverages provides sustainable bottled water solutions by selecting spring water sources near the markets serviced. It also offers customers the option of installing a purification machines for onsite bottling capabilities and provides turnkey solutions to environmental concerns about the bottled water industry.
  • Phoenix Energy Technologies is a leading provider of Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) software and services and works with commercial and industrial customers to diagnose opportunities and implement strategies that reduce energy consumption and costs. Through real time measurement and verification of energy use, related costs and contextual data (weather, occupancy, etc.) Phoenix helps its customers get a "full view" of energy consumption and costs to maximize ROI.
  • Freepower makes an "organic rankine cycle" turbine that takes 18% of the wasted heat from anything, but particularly electricity generation, and makes it into more electricity without the fuel. Freepower make the smallest, most reliable, lowest cost, highest efficiency machine in the world.


Presenting Companies from the July 27, 2011 Event:

  • ThinkEco develops easy-to-use energy efficiency technologies for consumers and businesses alike. Its patent-pending modlet (for "modern outlet") is a hardware/software solution for eliminating energy wasted by plugged-in appliances. ThinkEco is an NYC-based early-stage company with a strong emphasis on internal R&D.
  • CALM Energy is focused on enabling companies to reduce energy costs and better manage risks, such as service reliability, through the use of its software-based energy services and CALM consulting services. Its Smart Utility Management (SUM) Platform supports businesses in effectively dealing with data and to use advances in information technology as a competitive advantage, resulting in better management of risk and improved enterprise value through cost reductions and monetization of existing underutilized energy-based resources.
  • Converted Organics promotes, develops and operates profitable innovative clean technologies that contribute to the improvement of our environment by use of sustainable business practices and the judicious use of natural resources. Its three primary lines of business are at the intersection of agriculture, water and waste recycling: Organic Fertilizer (Converted Organics™), Vertical Farming (TerraSphere Systems), and Industrial Wastewater Treatment (Industrial Wastewater Resources).


Presenting Companies from the April 5, 2011 Event:

  • BrightGrid Solar provides a financing solution that allows homeowners to lease solar energy systems, instead of having to buy the equipment and pay for the installation upfront. This enables homeowners to save on their electricity bill through clean solar power, without having to deal with the burden of a significant upfront cost.
  • See-O-Two Biotech GmbH is a leading provider of technology for industrial-scale production of micro-algae-based biomass for biofuels and bioplastics that significantly mitigates carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Solar ETC specializes in the research and commercial application of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology and is a premier supplier of integrated CSP system solutions worldwide.


Presenting Companies from the January 20, 2011 Event:

  • Anellotech, Inc. has developed a clean technology platform for inexpensively producing petrochemicals and transportation fuels from renewable non-food biomass that converts wood waste, corn stover, and sugar cane bagasse into synthetic petroleum.
  • Efficiency 2.0 develops the next generation of software solutions for utilities, state and local governments, corporations, and many others by combining the most sophisticated energy end use algorithms with community based social media software.
  • Green Energy Management is a full-service, national energy-management company that provides its clients with all forms of efficiency solutions, mainly based in three functional areas: efficient water utilization, energy-efficient lighting upgrades, and renewable energy generation.


Presenting Companies from the October 19, 2010 Event:

  • Locus Energy is a provider of software solutions to the distributed renewable energy market through a web-based platform that enables project stakeholders to maximize the efficiency and transparency of installed systems.
  • Wind Products Inc. develops and sells small wind energy systems and has developed products that improve the overall economics of distributed small wind energy generation.
  • VQ Wind produces twin-rotor, vertical-axis VQ WindJets, an alternative to traditional propeller designs for light industrial, agricultural, commercial, municipal and residential use.