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Association of Corporate Growth New York - Global Trends in Private Equity Luncheon

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to be a sponsor of the Association of Corporate Growth (ACG) New York September luncheon program, "Global Trends in Private Equity: Opportunities & Challenges – A Limited Partners Perspective."

From the program website:

Driven by superior returns, private equity has grown enormously over the past two decades, becoming a core asset class for global institutions. Our panel of distinguished private equity investors provides the perspective of the limited partner, as we explore opportunities and challenges in the private equity industry.

Topics include:

  • While the majority of LPs have capital to deploy, have they become increasingly picky about the managers the select?
  • Are LPs likely to terminate some existing relationships if managers do not meet their high expectations for increasingly stringent investment criteria?
  • Does the private equity business model still work?
  • How do investors interpret the longer-term secular decline in returns, the maturing nature of the industry, and more intense competition?
  • What is the impact from the constriction of fundamental drivers of traditional sources of debt financing?
  • Is there an untapped market in the small-and-medium-enterprise segment, and are these companies struggling to secure funding/financing?
  • Will governments continue to intensify regulation of the private equity industry?
  • How will the industry’s public image continue to evolve, particularly during an election year?

Additional Details
Registration is open to ACG members only.

For additional information, please see the program website.