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ACG Digital Media: Mining for Cybergold

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor the Association of Corporate Growth conference, "Digital Media: Mining for Cybergold," where partner Thomas A. Guida will be speaking.

From the conference website:

We are all part of the most rapidly evolving revolution on earth, the Digital Media Revolution. From music and videos on our phones and MP3 Players to broadcast TV on our computers, we can’t go anywhere without the never-ending saturation of digital media in our daily lives. We are in the middle of a cultural and digital revolution which has been felt not only in our daily lives, but on Wall Street. We welcome our industry experts to discuss:

  • Current and future state of Digital Media
  • How current deals are being structured
  • What is the scope of transactions for 2012
  • Who are the hot companies and technologies
  • How will traditional media adapt
  • New strategies companies invest in

Keynote Speaker:
John S. Zieser, Meredith Corporation
Interviewed by Mary Kathleen Flynn, Mergers & Acquisitions Magazine

Moderator, Allan Grafman, All Media Ventures
Scott Chappell, BIA Digital Partners
Eugene Chung, NEA Venture Capital
Thomas A. Guida, Loeb & Loeb LLC
Daniel R. McCarthy, DeSilva + Phillips, LLC
Alex Moazed, Applico, Inc.

Additional Details
For more information, including how to register, please visit the Association of Corporate Growth website.