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American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) 23rd Annual Winter Leadership Conference

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to be a sponsor of The American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) 23rd Annual Winter Leadership Conference.

From the conference website:

The U.S. and world economic struggles continue to present challenges, affecting insolvency practitioners on a daily basis. Although statistics show that the record number of bankruptcy filings from 2009 and 2010 has begun to level, the sluggish job growth and still-depressed housing market prompt new challenges. Fraud and Ponzi scheme cases continue in many areas of the country, and a number of long-time, well-known law firms have downsized, merged or closed. Municipalities are facing declining revenues while pension and other employee-related contractual requirements remain constant or are rising, forcing more municipalities to consider how they will address their fiscal difficulties.

Recognizing the continuing need for professionals to be well-versed in these and many other current events, ABI has brought together many prominent speakers for ABI’s 23rd Annual Winter Leadership Conference. This year, the Conference returns and features topics designed for consumer and business practitioners, as well as financial advisors. It also includes a focus on ethical issues that have become much more regular points of discussion both among professionals and the bench. Nine joint ABI committee sessions covering 17 committees are on the schedule, along with 10 plenary programs.