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New York Television Festival

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to be a sponsor of 2011 New York Television Festival (NYTVF). 

From the conference website: 

The NYTVF was founded in 2005 as the industry's first recognized independent television festival, providing a platform to elevate the work of artists creating for the small screen. Held annually, each fall in New York City, the birthplace of modern television, the festival unites artists, executives, industry figures, and fans together in one forum to celebrate the medium and to help shape its future. 

With new platforms and technologies outpacing the current supply of programming, there has never been a better opportunity for aspiring television creators to have their voices heard. The NYTVF spotlights talented artists with the vision and creativity to invigorate the television landscape. Now, for the first time, the doors to television are open.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Additional Details
For more information, including how to register, please visit the 2011 New York Television Festival website.