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PluggedIn Ventures The Evolution of Social and Casual Gaming Business Models

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to sponsor a roundtable discussion with PluggedIn Ventures entitled "The Evolution of Social and Casual Gaming Business Models." Partner Tom Guida will serve as moderator.

From the conference website:

PluggedIn's May Roundtable will focus on Social & Casual Gaming Business Models. Just when consumers were getting used to more involved online social game business models, along came "gamification" and a push for more social games. Topics that will be discussed are:

  • Are most new social games these days casual games?
  • Why are the latter more popular, when the former are more profitable?
  • Given the small percentage of total mobile devices that smartphones represent, is it safe to ignore SMS-based casual games?

These roundtables are kept intimate in order to foster networking and meaningful discussion. In fact, roundtables have been referred to as "cage matches" for CEOs, as they allow for honest conversation with insightful back-and-forth dialogue.