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ROTH Captial-ChinaVenture Investment Conference

Loeb & Loeb is proud to sponsor the ROTH Captial-China Venture Investment Conference.

From the conference website:

While the world’s major economies have been trying to emerge from the shadow of the devastating financial crisis this past year, China has already embarked on shifting its current investment-driven development model to a consumption-driven one. Over the span of the 12th Five-year Plan (to be unveiled in May 2011), China will focus on boosting domestic demand and promoting structural adjustments, as well as giving more support to seven strategic emerging industries. The ChiNext launch as well as surging overseas IPOs will be huge catalysts to the expansion of PE industry. As foreign and local funds pour in, foreign and domestic investment institutions will increasingly vie with each other to solidify their hard-won positions. With tremendous domestic demands, plentiful investment opportunities, abundant availability of capital and a booming capital exit market, the PE sector will surely experience a fundamental transformation in the coming years as the Chinese economy is expected to extend its fast-growing momentum going forward, likely bringing about a significant change in future domestic capital markets.

As with previous events, ChinaVenture’s 2011 Annual Investment Conference, Shanghai, will look back at high-profile events in China’s VC/PE industry, sum up lessons and achievements over the past year, and select top performers in the PE/VC sector. During this gathering, ChinaVenture will recognize 2010’s Top VC Institutions, Top PE Institutions, Top VC Professionals and Top Boutique Investment Banks. These accolades will not only provide an objective assessment of the development of the Chinese investment industry, but also reflect its evolving landscape and our vision for the upcoming era.